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Difference between Vacation Home and Hotel

Are you familiar with the difference between a vacation home and a hotel? I’ve got what you’re looking for. Go and Travel Europe – The European Traveler’s Guide lists the difference between vacation homes and hotels with pros and cons.

Difference between Vacation Home and Hotel

Vacation Home: The Advantages

There are many benefits to taking a vacation in a vacation home. People who have made it once rarely leave. People love the privacy, independence, and peace of living here. Does that catch you off guard?

We live in a world that moves quickly and is full of stress. Many people want to find peace and calm. Most of the time, we can relax better in our vacation home than in a big hotel. Here are some good things about having a vacation home:

  • Most of the time, it costs less than a hotel.
  • It has enough room (optimal for families and large groups of friends)
  • Most vacation homes are in peaceful and beautiful places.
  • It has its kitchen, fireplace, and other amenities.
  • Changeable vacation plans (you can eat when you want, etc.)
  • Privacy and quietness

Vacation Home: The Disadvantages

Of course, you should consider a few things before you book a vacation home. On the one hand, a vacation home can give you more independence and freedom.

On the other hand, you also have to plan for and take care of a lot more. You must buy and cook food, clean up, or tidy up the kitchen. All of this is not necessary for a hotel, of course. Here are some of the bad things about having a vacation home:

  • Your food needs to buy.
  • You have to cook, clean, and do your laundry.
  • There are no things kids can do, like a children’s club or a cartoon show.
  • There might not be any special gear for babies or toddlers (high chair, crib)
  • No front desk person to answer your questions.
  • A hotel is also safer than a house or apartment.

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Difference between Vacation Home and Hotel

Hotel: The Advantages

Even though renting a vacation home is becoming increasingly popular, there are some excellent reasons to stay in a hotel. When you stay in a hotel for a vacation, you don’t have to worry about making breakfast or cleaning your room.

You will, so to speak, leave your duties at the front desk. Then you just let your mind settle down. Most hotels also have many things to do for entertainment.


A quick look at the pros of a hotel:

  • You can talk to someone right there (for questions, problems, emergencies)
  • At the front desk, you can get inside information.
  • You can order food in your room.
  • Your health and safety are taken care of (breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner)
  • Depending on the deal, drinks may also be part of the package (e.g. in the case of an all-inclusive)
  • You don’t have to eat out every time, which saves money.
  • You can use the many ways to have fun (e.g., renting bicycles, animation programs etc.)
  • You can also take a break and drop your kids off at the mini club.
  • Often, your room will be cleaned.

Hotel: The Disadvantages

Lastly, let’s look at what’s terrible about booking a hotel. Many people feel that a vacation in a hotel isn’t as personal as one in their home. They feel like just another person among many.

Bed castles, in particular, can make you feel this way. A long line of people must wait to get breakfast.

But here are some terrible things about a hotel:

  • Not personal and unknown
  • Often expensive
  • Less privacy: You have to share a lot with other people at the hotel (beach, breakfast room, etc.)

The question here is: Hotel or Vacation House?

The answer depends on what kind of traveler you are, of course. There can be both good and bad things for each person. You may even find that having to clean up after yourself is a good thing because it gives you freedom and peace of mind. Think about which option fits your personality best, and then make the best choice for you. A bed and breakfast could be a happy medium between a hotel and a vacation home (more privacy but still some service).

Difference between Vacation Home and Hotel

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