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Do you have plans to travel to Denmark soon? Great! You can complete that dream travel with the guidance of Go and Europe – The Europeans Travelers Guide, your best Europe travel guide tips that will guide you to the attractions in popular tourist destinations around Denmark.

Denmark is a country in Northern Europe that borders the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, and Germany. The slightest and considerable southerly of the Scandinavian nations is the Nordic nation. There are approximately 406 islands in the Danish Archipelago, 70 of which are inhabited by Denmark.

Its official name is the Kingdom of Denmark, which includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Additionally, being a founding member 

of NATO, it belongs to the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites exist to explore this relaxed nation with a rich culture and history. Denmark is a food lover’s dream with its top-notch culinary scene.

Denmark The Best Europe Travel Guide Tips

Travel Guide About Denmark

  • Currency

The official government’s official Italy currency is called the Danish Krone (DKK).

  • Security

The AC power is 230V. Two-prong circular sockets are the norm for power outlets. We advise purchasing a universal travel adaptor before you depart so you won’t have to deal with the trouble of needing new adaptors for each location you visit.

  • Language

Although other Scandinavian languages like Swedish and Norwegian may be understood and spoken at a basic level, Danish is the primary language, but they talk English, similar to many Scandinavian nations (and to a high level). Despite this, saying a few simple Danish words will help you get along well with people.

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  • Security

Due to its meagre rates of violent crime, robbery, terrorism, and natural disasters, it’s thought to be the securest country in the world. Travel here is as risk-free as possible, thanks to the warm and hospitable locals who add to the nation’s attractiveness. You won’t have any trouble in Denmark if you keep your wits.

But as usual, we advise purchasing travel insurance regardless of how secure a nation may be. Depending on your traveller, we recommend looking at either World Nomads or Safety Wing.

  • Visas

As a member of the EU and a party to the Schengen Agreement, Denmark offers unrestricted visa-free travel to EU nationals, including the UK at the moment. In addition to Australia, New Zealand, and the UAE, several American nations also benefit from 90 days of visa-free travel inside the Schengen region. Other nationalities must submit a Schengen visa application for legitimate travel to Denmark.

The Best Time to go to Denmark

Denmark is open all year round, but it’s a good idea to plan your trip after learning what to anticipate each season. From May through June, spring is the ideal time to visit.

Denmark’s weather follows the seasons, which may be divided into three categories and are common throughout most of Europe:

The low Season (October to April) is chilly and rainy, with few daylight hours. Most popular tourist destinations in Europe have shorter hours, and many outdoor most popular

tourist attractions in Europe are closed. But there are holiday decorations and ice skating in large cities.

The Mid Seasons (Mid May-Mid Jun, Mid August-Mid Sep) are mild conditions. The best time to travel is when there are fewer crowds.

The high season (mid-June to mid-August) features warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours. Expect crowds and increased lodging costs since all tourist attractions in Europe and sights are open.

How to get around Denmark


Denmark has some of the most expensive taxi charges around the globe. If you wish to make a reservation from the airport, Viator shuttles are.


Most of Denmark offers buses, an affordable means of transportation. A bus ticket with an hour’s validity should cost between 20 and 25 Krones. Buses operate every 10 minutes during prime business hours in big cities like Copenhagen.


Denmark’s train system is well-connected, and most trains don’t require reservations in advance. Ticket costs vary according to distance. Take the train, for instance, from Copenhagen to Elsinore for 84 Krone or only pass through Copenhagen for 24 Krone.


Another option for getting to Denmark is to rent a car. You must be at least 21 years old and have held your driver’s license for at least a year before renting a vehicle. The cost per day starts at about 460 Krone.

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Denmark's Attractions in Popular Destinations

The world has mainly learned to appreciate Denmark’s unique beauties recently. Beautiful beaches, fairytale castles, lush woods, a moderate temperature, kind residents, and an infectious joie de vivre in Scandinavia’s “European” wing.

Copenhagen landmarks, especially the beautiful Christiansborg parliament buildings, were stars of the smash television series Borgen. Similarly, the Danish and Swedish film Bronen (The Bridge) is an outstanding technical achievement connecting the two nations by road and rail. Visits to Odense, the hometown of renowned author Hans Christian Andersen, are essential for bookworms.

Denmark’s environmental merits are widely recognized. The bicycle is prioritized above the vehicle in Copenhagen and is undoubtedly the most excellent way to see this tiny, lovely city. The food is also famous; the greatest of Scandinavian cuisine is made possible by the exquisite dining of Denmark. Discover your new favourite most popular tourist destinations in Europe with the help of our ranking of Denmark’s best tourist attractions in Europe.

Please plan your travel and find fun things to do with our list of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe to visit in Denmark.

Denmark: Europe Travel Guide Tips

  • Egeskov Castle

Fairy-tale The best moat castle in Europe, Egeskov Castle is in a beautiful place about 30 minutes by car from Odense. The beautiful Renaissance building we see today was finished in 1554. It was built for the defense at first.

Throughout the years, the castle has been owned by many people. Later, it was turned into a model farm. Since the grounds were opened to the public in 1959, much work has been done to improve them. In 1967, the Vintage Car Museum opened. There is also a treetop walk and Segway tour. The Banqueting Hall is nothing short of amazing.

A trip to Egeskov is a great way to spend the day with your family.

Denmark: Europe Travel Guide Tips

  • Kronborg Castle

In addition to being the scene of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Kronborg Castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently, it tops the list of must-see attractions in Helsingor. Even those with a tangential interest in Shakespeare will want to attend. As you approach, the massive building is readily apparent, so you cannot miss it.

The current structure dates back to 1640, but numerous earlier fortifications existed. The castle, a fortress for at least a century, was rebuilt in 1924. The Castle Chapel, which weathered a fire in 1629 and boasted a spectacular Renaissance interior with German wood sculptures, is located in the South Wing. The North Wing features the grand ballroom or Knights’ Hall, while the West Wing displays beautiful tapestries.

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Denmark Travel Guide - Den Gamle By

Denmark: Europe Travel Guide Tips

  • Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By, the living history museum in Aarhus, presents visitors with an accurate recreation of not one but three separate eras in Danish history. There are portrayals of life in Denmark during the mid-19th century, the 1020s, and 1974 in three distinct neighbourhoods. Each element, from the architecture and roadways to the shops and private lives of the costumed interpreters, demonstrates how life has evolved and how certain customs have stayed holy.

In addition to the living history districts, Den Gamle By is home to several other museums, including Museum 1927, the Danish Poster Museum, the Toy Museum, and the Gallery of Decorative Arts. Nearby, in the neighbourhood of Hjbjerg, the Moesgaard Museum provides in-depth displays of the cultural evolution of Denmark through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Ages, as well as a medieval Denmark exhibit.

Denmark: Europe Travel Guide Tips

  • The Round Tower (Rundetårn)

Built-in 1642, the Round Tower (Rundetrn) stands 36 meters tall. You’ll love the views from the top. Here is a small collection of items related to the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. Most people say the spiral ramp leading to the viewing platform is the best part. It’s got a glass floor that floats 25 meters off the ground. It’s got a great view of Copenhagen’s rooftops and the castle below.

Grbrdretorv is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. You can get there by taking a short walk through the old town.

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