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International Travel Insurance

What’s the best time to get international travel insurance? Here you will find everything you need. Go and Travel Europe – The European Traveler’s Guide lists what you need to do to get International Travel Insurance.

International Travel Insurance

International Health Insurance

International health insurance is the best way to pay for medical care while traveling abroad. Also, the international insurance pays for the costs of a possible return trip, which you would have to pay for on your own otherwise.

International Travel Insurance

Travel Health Insurance

International health insurance is different because it covers stays abroad for at least one year. So, the travel health insurance doesn't cover stays of less than a year.

International Travel Insurance

Travel Cancellation Insurance

This insurance covers the costs the tour operator must pay if you cancel. If you don't have it, you'll have to pay the cancellation fees yourself if you change your mind or have to cancel your trip for a reason you didn't expect, like getting sick.

International Travel Insurance

Trip Interruption Insurance

This insurance is like an insurance for canceled trips. The only difference is that the tour operator's cancellation fees pay in case of an emergency—unexpected cancellations to the account will not credit.

Travel Liability Insurance

If you hurt someone or their property by accident, this insurance will help you pay for the damage without costing you anything

International Travel Insurance

Travel Accident Insurance

Travel accident insurance will pay for all your costs if you get hurt badly enough on your trip that it causes permanent damage to your body.

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Luggage Insurance

If your luggage gets stolen or broken, this insurance will pay for the costs up to a certain amount.

International Travel Insurance

Travel Legal Protection Insurance

This insurance protects you if you get into a fight abroad. It pays for legal costs and fees, such as protection from criminal charges, compensation for damage, and protection from administrative offenses.

Assistance Insurance

In case of an accident, assistance services are there to help right away. Assistance insurance takes care of things like getting information, planning a trip back, seeing someone sick, and more.

International Travel Insurance

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