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13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

Do you have any idea what are the 13 interesting facts about the Netherlands? You’ve found the right place. Here’s a list of interesting facts about the Netherlands.

Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The Netherlands has the biggest population in Europe

The most increased population density in Europe, with an average of 492 people per square kilometer. This intriguing fact is more fascinating because Netherlands is also among the countries with the lowest population density around the globe. It has less than the US State of Virginia, with a total area of 41,543 square kilometers. So, how do they pack all that population? The answer is that the Netherlands has the highest urbanization globally, with over 90% of its people living in towns and cities. Dutch are famous for their efficiency in utilizing space, which they can see in their slender houses and tiny gardens.

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The World's Sixth-Happiest Country

Netherlands is often lauded as one of the happiest nations in the world and it also offers everything from stunning canals and windmills to its lively culture and unique food options. It is a place where the Netherlands does well in its capacity when it comes to happiness. According to the World Happiness Report, the Netherlands is the sixth happiest nation. These are intriguing statistics that could provide clues. First, the Dutch are united and have a meaningful sense of belonging. They also put a great value on working-life balance. 

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13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are more bikes than people

It’s believed that the Dutch cycle for centuries is still a highly sought-after mode of transport. In Amsterdam independently, there are more than 800,000 bicycles and which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe making it also the home of the world’s longest cycling race, the Ronde van Vlaanderen, which has been running every year since 1913. With its level terrain and extensive cycle trails, it’s no wonder many people ride through the Netherlands.

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

More than 1,000 windmills can be found in the Netherlands.

It’s a small country, but it is filled with interesting facts about the Netherlands. For instance, did you know that the Netherlands has more than 1,000 windmills? They’re not just to be used for the display they produce of electricity. The Dutch have been using them for a long time. With more than 11,000 windmills located in the Netherlands to power their businesses and homes for long periods, The Netherlands is among the top manufacturers of wind energy. 

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the Second Largest exporter of beer

They’re the second-largest beer exporter worldwide, trailing just the United States, and that’s one of the interesting facts about the Netherlands and they also have the highest consumption per capita of beer within the EU.  What is it that makes Dutch beer special? The climate is ideal for the cultivation of hops, and they have a long-standing tradition of brewing, both of which are factors that influence the taste of their beers. Although they might not have as many well-known brands as our more giant neighbors, it isn’t a problem because there are plenty of opportunities for new breweries to create their mark. 

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The First Person to come up with Bluetooth was a Dutchman

Did you know that the Dutchman who came up with Bluetooth also invented the first wireless method to connect the computer to the internet? Bluetooth is indeed a kind of short-range radio technology which is a method of replacing cables between computers and printers. Today, we utilize a hands-free system in your car to transfer files between devices. It all began with a Dutchman known as Jaap Haartsen. The engineer was working on an initiative for Ericsson, a Swedish telecoms company; at the time, he thought of the idea of a short-range wireless connection between two devices. The technology was initially referred to as “MC Link.” Eventually, it came up with Bluetooth following the 10th century Danish King Harald Blatand (whose nickname was “blue tooth” in Old Norse)

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The world's largest exporter of tulips is the Netherlands

Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of flowers, known as tulips. This flower is so deeply tied to the country that it’s been called “the “national flower” of The Netherlands. The first tulips were introduced to the country in the 16th century and soon became a well-loved garden plant. And during the 17th century, they began to export their flowers abroad to European countries. At present,  they produce more than four billion tulips per year. The flower is an emblem of the nation’s rich past and tradition.

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The Netherlands is mostly below sea level

The plurality of the Netherlands is below sea level. Have you ever considered that more than 1/3 of the Netherlands is situated beneath sea levels? Almost 50% of the nation’s surface is less than sea level. Its low-lying topography is susceptible to flooding, and consequently, the country has put in place various innovative flood prevention measures. One of these measures is the building of levees and dikes. These structures protect against rising water levels as well as storm surges. Additionally, the Netherlands has constructed an extensive system of pumps and canals which can be used to take excess water out of low-lying areas swiftly.

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13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

Home Births are still very popular in the Netherlands

The birth-at-home method is still standard in the Netherlands. However, the proportion of moms who opt for this method of birth has decreased over the last few years. In 2016, approximately 12 percent of deliveries in the Netherlands were in the home, a drop from a high of 17 percent in 2009.Home births are more common in women who have experienced at least one baby and women older than 35. The Dutch Midwifery Care system is frequently cited as a factor in the high number of home births because midwives offer continuity of support throughout pregnancy and during delivery. Also, home births are typically cheaper compared to hospital-based births. 

13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

The Netherlands produce 70% of bacon in the world

Dutch are famous for their love of pork, and it’s not surprising to learn that the Netherlands is the world’s top exporter of bacon. In reality, the Netherlands produces more than $ 1 billion in products from the pork industry each year. The Dutch pork industry is highly efficient and can produce large quantities of top-quality pork cheaply. Because of this, Dutch bacon is sought-after across the globe. So the next time you eat the perfect bacon sandwich, there’s a good chance it was made in the Netherlands! 

Interesting Facts about the Netherlands:

Tallest man in the world are Dutch Man

Dutch men are the tallest on earth, with an average height of over 6 feet. It is due to several reasons, including diet and genetics. The Dutch population is descended from a mix of Germanic and Celtic peoples, both known for their tall stature. In addition, the Dutch diet is rich in dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which contribute to healthy growth. Dutch men are also less likely to smoke than men from other countries, furthering their lead in the height department. These factors combine to create a nation of tall, muscular men. And while Dutch women are not the tallest in the world, they still boast an impressive average height of over 5 feet 7 inches. 

Interesting Facts about the Netherlands:

The Netherlands is the first country to authorize same-sex marriage

The Netherlands was the only first nation in the world to legally recognize marriages between gay and straight people, and The Marriage Act came into effect on April 1st 2001. Before that, same-sex couples could only be married in a civil partnership. The Dutch parliament passed legislation that allowed marriages between couples of the same gender in December 2000, with the support of the then Premier Wim Kok. The law was resisted by a few lawmakers as well as faith-based groups. Even though it ultimately passed with a clear majority, in the time since several other nations have followed suit and have legalized same-sex weddings. However, it remains among the countries that have made the most progress regarding LGBTQ+ rights.

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13 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands

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