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THE Interesting Facts About Czech Republic

Do you have an idea what is the interesting facts about the Czech Republic? You’ve found the right place. Here’s a list of interesting facts about Czech Republic.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Czechs drink the Most Beer per Capita

On average, they drink 143 liters of water each year. It is more than any other country on Earth. The Czech Republic has been making beer since the ninth century. In 1088, the first brewery opened in the Czech Republic, and there are now more than 1,000. Czechs take their beer very seriously; a big part of their culture. You can even get beer spas with beer tubs to relax and drink beer.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a Religious Country

Given the fact that there are many religions in the Czech Republic, most people don’t see religion as an important part of their lives. Even though only 19% of its people believe in God, the Czech Republic is one of the most religious places in the world. The rest of the people are atheists or don’t believe in God. Despite the fact that it is still a part of Czech culture, religion is important in some ways. During Christmas and Easter, a lot of Czechs celebrate. Religion was introduced in some public schools. There are also Jews, Muslims, and Protestants who are not the majority in the Czech Republic.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

The Hunt for Mushrooms in the Czech Republic

Is it a great way to spend time outside in a fun and different way? You’re also lucky because mushroom hunting is a popular activity in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, there are many different kinds of mushrooms. Millions go into the woods every year to look for these delicious fungi. Mushroom hunting can be fun and rewarding, but you should know that some mushrooms are poisonous. But if you know what you’re doing, mushroom hunting can be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

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Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Prague is known as "Europe's Most Beautiful City"

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - prague is known as europe_s most beautiful city

It was established in the 12th century by Bohemian King Ottokar I and it quickly became a center for business and trade, and the number of people in the city began to grow. By the end of 1300s, Prague was one of the largest cities in Europe. In the 14th and 15th centuries, Prague got bigger. Its architecture showed that it was an important place for learning and culture. Prague’s golden age ended when the Thirty Years’ War broke out in 1618. War caused much damage to Prague, and it wasn’t until the turn of the 19th century that Prague started to get better.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

They Invented the First Grounded Lightning Rod

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - they invented the first grounded lightning rod

Czechs are known for their creativity, ingenuity, and new ideas. They have used science and technology to solve problems for a long time. In the early 1800s, the Czechs were the first to devise a way to protect against lightning strikes. Other countries quickly copied this idea—the use of Lightning rods made in the Czech style everywhere today. The Czechs have stopped lightning from killing many people and destroying property worth a lot of money.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Beef and Pork Stews are a centuries-old comfort dish

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - beef and pork stews are a centuries-old comfort dish

This stew is full of flavor and perfect for cold winter days. The bread or dumplings add warmth that will stay in your ribs. Beef and pork stews can be made in many different ways. People often add potatoes to their hash and this gives the casserole a little more body and lets it soak up all the beautiful flavors and the celery and carrots can also be added to the stew. In addition to adding flavor, this also boosts the stew’s nutritional value. What you like doesn’t matter. Stew made with beef or pork will be a hit.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

People claim the Czech Republic is Pretty Safe.

This is one of the safest places in the whole world. It has few people living there and a low crime rate. Additionally, the location of the Czech Republic is advantageous. Germany and Poland are both large, large nations that border the Czech Republic. People in the Czech Republic may feel safer due to the country’s lower population density. The European Union and the Schengen Zone both include the Czech Republic. Both have strict checks at their borders. All these things donate to the view that the Czech Republic is a safe place to live.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Europe's second-ugliest building is in Prague

Some of the most stunning structures in the world may be found in Prague, a city rich in history and culture. Vlado Milunic, a Croatian-Czech architect, and Frank Gehry, a Canadian-American architect, built the Fred and Ginger building in 1996. It is also known as the Dancing House, right next to the Charles Bridge on Rasinovo Nabrezi Street. Even though some people don’t like how it looks, the building has been praised for its unique architecture and has even been in several Hollywood movies. When you go to Prague again, you won’t want to miss seeing the Fred and Ginger building.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Prague's 50cm-widest street

This street is near the powder tower in the old town. The road is so narrow that two people walking together can’t do it. When the highway was built, there were a lot of rules about how to make houses. It is why the street is so narrow. There was a certain plan that had to be followed, and the owners were not permitted to make any changes. One of the oldest homes in Prague is located on this street, constructed in 1410. Everyone who comes to Prague must see the narrowest street in the city.

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Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Havirov is the Czech Republic's Cheapest City

A new study found that Havirov is the most affordable city in the Czech Republic, compared to the cost of living in other Czech towns. In comparison to Prague, Brno, or Ostrava, the outcomes were significantly worse. Living expenses in Havirov are 61% cheaper than those in Prague, and eating expenses are 35% less than those in Brno. Havirov has higher transportation and healthcare costs than other Czech cities. If you wish to relocate to the Czech Republic, Havirov is a great spot to do it due to its affordable cost of living.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Most Czechs like Ice Hockey

Part of this is that the country has a long sports history. In the Czech Republic, ice hockey was played for the first time on record in 1895. Since then, more people have taken up the sport. Ice hockey teams like HC Slavia Praha and HC Sparta Praha play at the highest level in the Czech Republic. The country is also home to Jaromir Jagr, Dominik Hasek, and many other world-class athletes. Because of its long history and passionate fans, it’s easy to see why ice hockey is so popular in the Czech Republic.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

The Czech Republic ranks 27th in the World in Environmental Concern

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - the czech republic ranks 27th in the world in environmental concern

In 2018, the Czech Republic was judged on several things, such as the quality of its air, water, and environmental policies. Many categories, including climate change and renewable energy, showed excellent performance from the Czech Republic. Although this ranking is really good, it is not perfect. By investing more money in solar and wind energy, the Czech Republic can show that it is more concerned about the environment. Additionally, the nation can take actions that are better for the environment and consume fewer fossil fuels. By taking these actions for future generations, the Czech Republic can contribute to the preservation of the environment and its natural resources.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

One of Prague's Best Female Tennis Players was born.

Martina Navratilova used to be the best tennis player in the world, born in Prague in 1956. Navratilova won 18 Grand Slam singles and 31 Central Women’s doubles titles and also maintained the record for the most wins in singles and doubles until 2017. The International Tennis Hall of Fame includes her. She started playing tennis when she was four and moved to the US in 1975 and naturalized after leaving Czechoslovakia. Her success on the court made it easier for other women to play tennis.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

There are over 250,000 words in Czech

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - there are over 250,000 words in czech

It is more than any other language on Earth. Majority of these words are common words, although a few are only appropriate in specific situations. The Czech term for “computer,” “pocitac,” which is derived from the word “count,” demonstrates how the language has evolved over time to accommodate advanced technologies and how new words have been created to express new ideas. Additionally, it is known for the way it combines words. These words can be created by combining or removing words. Liste means “airport” in Czech. You may communicate a lot with just a few words when using this language feature, which consists of the terms “air” and “land.” Speakers in Czech have a wide range of communication options because the language is both concise and complicated.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Czech's Deepest Cave

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - czech_s deepest cave

The Hranice Abyss is the deepest underground cave in the Czech Republic. It is where the world’s deepest dive into freshwater belief is, at a depth of 1,325ft (404m). Even though the cave was found at the beginning of the 20th century, its total size wasn’t known until 2016. There is a unique ecosystem in the Hranice Abyss, with blind fish and other animals that have learned to live in the dark. This cave is great for adventure divers who want to test themselves in some of the most dangerous places on Earth.

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Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Czech Gaming is Booming

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide – Czech Republic travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Czech Republic - czech gaming is booming

There are a lot of studios and publishers based in the country. Over 4,000 people are employed by the Czech gaming industry, which has a market value of about $1.2 billion. Czech has a long history of game production, having created the first video game in 1971. Many well-known video games are set in Czech, a major player in the international gaming industry. The gaming business is booming in the Czech Republic, and it doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

The biggest automaker in Europe is Czech

More than 90,000 people work for the company. Its roots go back to the early 1900s when it was founded as a place to make airplane engines. In 1930s, it began making cars and trucks, and after World War II, the company was taken over by the Communist government and became a private company named Skoda Auto in 1990. VW Group now owns Skoda Auto. Skoda has won many prizes, including the “Car of the Year” award. Within the past years, Skoda has expanded its inventory to include electric vehicles, SUVs, and self-driving automobiles. Due to its large range of products and dedication to developing and growing ideas, Skoda will be able to keep growing in the future.

Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Prague is called "The Golden City"

Many of Prague’s architecture and buildings are made of gold, thus the city’s name. It is another reason why the name “Golden City” has stuck. Wenceslaus II was one of the kings who ruled the city and allegedly possessed so much gold that it was used to create his golden throne. The city of a hundred towers is another name for the golden city in the story. There are many tall buildings and churches in Prague and it is also famous for having a lot of bridges. In Prague, there are 18 bridges over the Vltava River. One of the most well-known bridges is the Charles Bridge. This golden city is home to some of the world’s most famous museums, art galleries, and theaters.

Interesting Facts About Czech Republic

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