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The Interesting Facts About Germany

How about these interesting facts about Germany? Here’s where you need to be. There are a lot of interesting facts about Germany in Go and Europe Travel – The European Travelers Guide.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Largest beer festival

The world’s most extensive beer festival is also one of the biggest. Oktoberfest is in Munich, Bavaria, and the glass size is not 500ml but a whole liter. If you thought that was interesting, here are some interesting facts about the famous party. Did you know that the first Oktoberfest is in September? The weather is usually more excellent in September than in October, and the first Oktoberfest is kept in September, near the end of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Another interesting fact is that about 6 million people go to Oktoberfest every year and drink about 7 million liters of alcohol. If you want to go next year, make sure to bring your dirndl or lederhosen, which are the traditional clothes of Bavaria.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Few Christmas traditions are as famous as the tree

Where did this long-standing custom come from? Unlike what most people think, this Christmas tree was grown in Germany. In the 16th century, religious Christians brought evergreen trees into their homes to celebrate Adam, Eve, and Adam. It was the first time we knew of trees being decorated because of how famous the Christmas tree was; it spread to other parts of Europe and, eventually, to the United States. The Christmas tree is the most beloved Christmas symbol, and people of all faiths love it. You follow a long-standing German tradition when you look at your decorated tree and like how it looks.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Germans love pets

After all, it’s where the giant dog breeds in the world come from. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Germany has the most animal-friendly zoos, with more than 400 places where all kinds of animals, from elephants to echidnas, live. But there have been some problems with Germany’s zoos over the years. At the beginning of the 20th century, many animals were kept in dirty cages at roadside attractions. Animals were often poorly treated, and people’s views about Zoos began to change. As a result, German zoos underwent a significant change and became leaders in animal care and conservation. German zoos are now some of the most advanced and kind in the world. Every year, millions of people visit them. 

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Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany makes the best vehicles

Did you know that Mercedes cars make up most of the taxis in Germany? Even though this may come as a surprise to a lot of people, it makes sense. Mercedes cars are known for being solid and reliable, which makes them great for taxi drivers who have to drive a lot of miles. Also, taxis are always needed because many tourists come to Germany yearly. If you’re ever in Germany, use these high-end rides. You never know; you might be lucky enough to get a free ride.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany's Jail System is Unique

There is no punishment for the people in jail. The country thinks freedom is one of the most important things people want. It may seem like an unintentionally generous policy, but it makes sense when you think about it. What good does it do to punish people who are already in jail? They have nowhere to go! The only thing that can be done to punish someone who runs away is to make their sentence longer and more complex.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Nobody thinks about toilet paper until they need it

You’ll want it to be soft, strong, reliable, and solid when needed. That means you want it to look like German toilet paper. The Germans are very strict about their toilet paper. They have a word for toilet paper that means “bottom wipe” in English (Po-Wischtuch). Even though we think of toilet paper as a new idea, the first roll was patented by Joseph Gayetty in 1857. Since then, there have been many changes to how toilet paper is made, but the German version is still thought to be the best worldwide. So make sure to buy some Po-Wischtuch the next time you’re in Germany. Your behind will thank you for it.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Longest Book Word

With 79 letters, it is the longest word that has ever been written. What’s the meaning? It’s not that much. The Austrian writer Franz Kafka used the word to make fun of bureaucracy, long words, and bureaucratic jargon. The closest English phrase would be “association of lower-level employees of the central bureau for navigation on the Danube.” But that doesn’t show how silly the first word was. If a long word bothers you, remember there’s always a chance it means something more dangerous. You might be reading something by Kafka.

Interesting Facts about Germany

The first book published was in German

That makes sense, considering Johannes Gutenberg invented the moveable type in the 15th century. But this first printed book, also called the Gutenberg Bible, has a few interesting facts. One is that only 180 copies were made, and now only 49 of them are left. Also, each book was made by hand, and printing took a long time and a lot of work. Because of this, it’s not surprising that the Gutenberg Bible is a rare and highly sought-after book, with some copies selling at auction for millions of dollars. Still, it’s interesting to think about how this priceless book started as a small printing project.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany is a top-book country

Every year, nearly 94,000 books are put out. After the UK and the US, Germany is the third biggest book market. Also, the average German reads four books a year, which shows that they love to read. Here are a few more interesting facts about books and publishing in Germany: In Germany, more than 250 places publish books. The Frankfurt Book Fair has more than 7,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries; it is the most significant book fair in the world. — German children’s books have been around for a long time. They have books by Otfried Preussler, Hans Bauer, Max Frisch, and other well-known authors in the same genre. German publishers are known for making high-quality products and paying close attention to details. They have put out a lot of books in different editions and formats.

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Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany is diverse

Even though it is the biggest country in Central Europe, it shares borders with nine other countries. France, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. This wide range of neighbors shows that Germany is home to a society with many different cultures. From the traditional popular music of Bavaria to Berlin’s modern electronic music scene, Everyone can find something they like. Let’s not forget the food. German food is hearty and varied, and dishes like sauerkraut and sausages are becoming popular inside and outside the country. With so many things to do, it’s no surprise that Germany is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world.

Interesting Facts about Germany

German Universities are open to non-Germans

It is just one of the many great things about going to school in Germany. Even though college is free in Germany, some costs come with attending school there. Students, for example, must pay for health insurance and books. But these costs are pretty low compared to those in other countries. Also, German universities have high standards for what they offer. Germany has many of the best universities, and degrees from these universities are recognized worldwide. Germany should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for the best place to go to school.

Interesting Facts about Germany

It has a major train station

It’s interesting to think about how things haven’t always been this way. The first station was built in 1871 and was called Lehrter Bahnhof. It was where trains coming from the west stopped. The second station, called Anhalter Bahnhof, was built in 1880, so trains coming from the south could stop there. In 2006, the two stations were combined into one, which is now used by more than 300,000 people and 3,000 trains daily. So, the next time you’re in Berlin, you should check out this exciting part of history.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany's history spans centuries

Germany’s landscape is also very different from place to place. Germany has a lot to offer everyone, from the snowy mountains of the Alps to the sandy beaches of the North Sea. Forests and woodlands cover about a third of the country’s land, which is excellent news for people who love these beautiful ecosystems. Some many exciting animals and plants live in the German forests, such as the European red deer, the Eurasian beaver, and the brown bear. The German forest is a haven for animals and plants, and it is also a popular place for campers, hikers, and people who love nature. Germany has a lot of beautiful nature and wildlife, so it’s not surprising that most of the country is still covered by woods and forests.

Interesting Facts about Germany

It's ancient and full of castles

Germany is a great place to go if you want to visit a place with a lot of history and a wide range of exciting castles. With more than 2100 castles to see, there are plenty of interesting places to go. Some castles are torn down, but many have been kept in good shape. So, whether you want to learn more about Germany’s history or just like looking at beautiful buildings, you’re sure to find a castle in Germany that you like. Maybe? In the country, you might even be able to feel some of the magic of fairy tales for yourself.

Interesting Facts about Germany

EU's largest economy is Germany

With a GDP of around USD 3.73 trillion, it is the fourth largest economy in the world, just behind the US, China, and Japan. Germany’s economy has a lot of exciting parts, like a well-educated workforce, a large population, a key position in Europe, a strong export market, and a lack of corruption. The country’s money also has a long and exciting history. First, Germany’s money, called the Mark, was made in 1871. After World War II, the value of the currency dropped significantly, but it was brought back to life when the economy of West Germany increased in 1950s. Germany’s preferred currency is the Euro (like 19 other nations). Germany is one of the most prosperous countries in the EU, which is not surprising since it has a strong economy and an exciting history.

Interesting Facts about Germany

No public smoking

This exciting fact makes me wonder a lot of things. Why should smoking be against the law, but drinking isn’t? What are the benefits of not being able to smoke? Even more important, what are the problems? There are many reasons why people should not be allowed to smoke in public places, but that is not a reason to drink. To start, smoking tobacco is worse for your health than drinking alcohol. Also, the smell of tobacco can be even worse and more annoying than the smell of alcohol.  There are, some bad things about making smoking illegal in public places. The most important thing is that people decide when and where to smoke or drink based on information.

Interesting Facts about Germany

Over a thousand sausages exist

Germany has more than 1,000 kinds of sausages, making it one of the most exciting places for people who like them. From the traditional bratwurst to the more unusual huehnerwurst and currywurst, there is a type of sausage for everyone. Since there are so many different kinds of sausages, it’s not surprising that Germans are some of the biggest sausage eaters in the world. If you ever go to Germany, you should try some of the sausages there. You might find a new favorite

Interesting Facts about Germany

Beer ingredients are limited

Even though it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of food, in Bavaria, it is considered food by law. It is fascinating because of a Bavarian law from 1516 that says only certain ingredients can be used to make beer. Hops, malt, water, and yeast are some of the elements, all of which are considered to be essential for healthy eating. In the end, Bavarians have been drinking the drink with their meals for a long time. Who could be mad at them? What could be better than a cold drink to cool you off on a hot day? Have some of this tasty food!

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Interesting Facts About Germany

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