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Interesting Facts About Hungary

Do you have an idea what is the interesting facts about Hungary? You’ve found the right place. Here’s a list of interesting facts about Hungary.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Celebrations don't always involve clinking glasses

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - celebrations don_t always involve clinking glasses

Folks don’t think drinking from a clink is a good idea, but few people strictly follow this tradition. Some people believe that knocking beer glasses against each other at a party is appropriate. Regardless of your views, respecting local traditions and customs is always courteous.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungary's unique language

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - hungary_s unique language

The most Hungarian language is Finnish. Nothing about it resembles any other language in the world. The majority of words in Hungarian are loanwords from Turkic, though there are also many from Slavic, Germanic, and other languages. For instance, there are only four models in English, while there are 14 in Hungarian. 

Interesting Facts about Hungary

The Hungarians are among Europe's oldest

Hungary’s citizens are eager to impart their history and culture to the rest of the world because they are so proud of them. They have a long history of perseverance and hard work, greatly impacting how the world has changed. Although the government has undergone a few changes since then, it continues to play a significant role in European history.

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Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungarian letters total 44

It’s made up of 18 vowels and 26 consonants. These extra letters help show the different sounds in the Hungarian language. Aside from the 44 letters that make up the Hungarian alphabet, there are also two special symbols. You can use a hyphen between two words to make a new word. A complete way to write in their language is with these 44 letters.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

A Hungarian invented Rubik's Cube

Erno Rubik created the Rubik’s cube concept in 1974. It quickly gained popularity. Rubik’s cubes appeal to people of all ages. Competitors come from all over the world—the person who finishes the puzzle the fastest wins. When you see a Rubik’s Cube, remember that it is more than just a toy.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Balaton Lake is Europe's largest

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - balaton lake is europe_s largest

The navigable waterway is 600 square miles and only 79 miles long. Balaton Lake has a maximum depth of 115 feet. In the villages and cities that line its shores, people can fish, sunbathe, swim, windsurf, and go boating. So, if you’re in Central Europe, add it to your list of places to visit.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungarians love gulyas

A soup made with potatoes, beef, carrots, and other vegetables. The dish started in the ninth century, when the Magyars, who are the Hungarians’ nomadic ancestors, were still living in tents. The word “gulyas” comes from the word “gulya,” which means “herd.” . When the Hungarians moved to the Great Plains, beef became more popular. Gulyas is so well-known that Slovakia and Romania have taken it as their language.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Every Olympics, they've won gold

People consider them to be one of the best Olympic countries. They have a long history in sports such as wrestling, swimming, and boxing. Their soccer team is also outstanding. They have qualified for the World Cup three times more than any other country. It has a rich history and culture, and its people are joyful and enthusiastic. They are warm and welcoming people who welcome visitors to their country.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

2.5 million Native Hungarians live outside of Hungary

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - 2.5 million native hungarians live outside of hungary

Almost one-third of Hungary’s population died due to the war and political turmoil that followed World War II. Following the war, many Hungarians emigrated to other countries for peace and a better future. There are now large Hungarian communities worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. More Hungarians live in countries other than Hungary than in Hungary itself. In the end, the Hungarian diaspora significantly impacts Hungary’s society and economy.

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Interesting Facts about Hungary

The Hungarians love Paprika

Stews, soups, and casseroles benefit from their flavor and color. Another common ingredient in the country is paprika. Beef, onions, paprika, and other spices make goulash. The spice rub forms a tasty crust outside the food while keeping it tender and juicy inside. Paprika is also used to make Chicken Paprikas, a traditional holiday dish in Hungary.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungary has about 9.8 million people

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - hungary has about 9.8 million people

There are approximately 9.8 million residents. It is a country with a rich history and culture, as well as beautiful places to visit. Hungary’s economy is strong, with exports of goods such as electronics, food, and machinery. The economy is heavily reliant on the exchange, and Germany plays an important role in that trade.  The two countries have good economic relations. They exported their goods to countries such as China, the United States, and other European countries. Exports may boost their GDP by more than $160 billion in 2017.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Most Hungarians write or introduce themselves by their first name

Names. As a result, Hungarians frequently use their surname to distinguish themselves from others who share their first name. For example, if two people named Janos Szabo met, they would most likely introduce themselves as “Szabo Janos” and “Janos Szabo,” but they could also use their real name or a nickname in place of their character.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Foie Gras is produced in Hungary

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - foie gras is produced in hungary

Through a “gavage,” the bird is forced to consume a large amount of food. Only five countries currently produce foie gras for export, with Hungary being one of them. Many people believe that Hungary produces the best foie gras in the world. If you are fortunate enough to try it, you will understand why.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Hungary's largest lake is Balaton

Have you ever heard that Hungary is home to one of Central Europe’s most significant lakes? Lake Balaton is 71 miles long and a popular European vacation destination for locals and tourists. It is known to have a depth of 13 feet in addition to its length and width. It is an important part of the European ecosystem due to its central location on the continent. This water is home to a wide range of animals and plants.

Interesting Facts about Hungary

Vitamin-c discovered in Hungary

Most people credit the discovery of vitamin C to the Scottish physician James Lind, who observed in 1747 that citrus fruits could prevent scurvy. However, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian biochemist, was the first to isolate the vitamin in 1928. In the 1930s, Szent-Gyorgyi began researching the role of oxygen in metabolism. He was interested in how cells generate energy. During his research, he discovered numerous novel compounds, including “hexuronic acid,”

Interesting Facts about Hungary

In Hungary, 96 is magic

Go and Europe Travel - The European Travelers Guide - Hungary travel guide tips - Interesting Facts about Hungary - in hungary, 96 is magic

Despite its unusual appearance, it holds great significance. The number 96 represents the number of days—96—that the 1956 Revolution lasted. Hungarians revolted against the Communist regime on October 23, 1956, with US support, to bring about democracy and freedom. Aside from its failure, the revolution served as a model for others in the Eastern Bloc to emulate. In light of this, 96 represents the fight for liberty and justice. It allows them to reflect on the sacrifices made by their country to achieve independence. It’s also an opportunity for the rest of the world to remember that even the smallest act of defiance can have a significant impact.

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Interesting Facts About Hungary

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